Pilot Participants and Testimonies

We have successfully completed both Pilot 1 and 2 and are gearing up for the national launch of the program this Spring! Here is what participants are saying about the training:

  • “The information provided, the ideas and suggestions, are easily applied to ‘tweak’ current practices. The information very helpful and brought to light concepts that I had not thought about, i.e. different ways to ask questions in an interview.” – The City of Oshawa

  • “This is crucial information for any employer and the ease of the online training is greatly appreciated.” – ABC Life Literacy Canada, Toronto

  • “I enjoyed the quizzes and the realistic scenarios. The fact that it gave steps that employers should take in working with a person who has a disability both through the hiring process and with an employee who develops a disability over time was extremely helpful. It takes the guess work out of the process.” – The Career Foundation

  • “I would have benefited from a few more interactive examples that I had to find solutions for, they were very informative and well put together. Overall I think the training was well done and efficient” – UPS Fredericton

  • “That you leave feeling that I have definitely developed my knowledge and can be a better employee, employer and educator within the community to promote barrier free disability employment awareness. Great format, excellent information and delivered in a very understanding manner” – Community Living Toronto

  • “Thank you for providing this course to our company. I enjoyed all the information, it will be a great reference tool going forward to use with all my staff.” – The Brick, Corporate Office, Alberta

  • “Great information on how to approach and begin the difficult conversations. Important that the emphasis is put on person first, not issues or disability.” – Northern College Community Employment Services

  • “I was really impressed that, finally, a dedicated team with the backing of an agency can realize the stigma associated with disabilities and recognized that the tool is education to eliminate bias. I firmly believe that what CCRW has created a gentle reminder to educate decision makers and prospective employers to fill in the questionable gaps on hiring those with barriers. As an agency, I have learned through your online interactive modules how I can better serve my clientele while educating employers to hiring ‘ability.'” – The Plaid Zebra Inc.