About the Training

What it is

The Disability Confident Employer Program (DCEP) online training is comprised of best practices material and resources to teach employers how to develop their hiring and retention of persons with disabilities

Who it is for

Employers – supervisors, managers and recruiters, who have some experience hiring and retaining persons with disabilities and want to take their business to the next level through learning and applying best practices – to become Disability Confident

How to receive recognition

The number of people required to complete the training to become Disability Confident depends on how many employees you have:

  • 1-99: 1 or more person
  • 100-499: 3 or more people
  • 500+: 6 or more people
    • The people who take the training must be in a managerial, supervisory or recruitment role

How it originated

The concept for the DCEP started the Disability Awareness Series (DAS). The DAS was an in-person / webinar training that educated employers, managers, recruiters, etc. to help them expand their knowledge of persons with disabilities in the workplace.

How we are doing it

The DCEP has taken the DAS template, researched, updated and revised it into a concise, self-led training of best practices participants can take and apply to their business as it meets their needs. In one hour, participants will work their way through six sections: inclusive interview processes, creating a healthy workplace and workforce, finding support, accommodations in the workplace, performance management, and how to retain employees who develop disabilities. Throughout the sections are interactive elements to provide hands-on learning, advice from service agencies and employer testimonies. Each section also concludes with a quiz to test participants’ comprehension of the material.